Aurora Borealis is a Jyväskylä- based association founded in 2015. The association fosters and promotes development cooperation and interaction between different countries and people. Our partners have so far been found in Nepal because of the experiences and contacts of Aurora Borealis. However, the association is not only committed to Nepal; we are happy to find connections around the world. Our Finnish partners supporting our project are the Student Union of the University of Jyväskylä and the UN Association of Jyvaskyla (JyYK). 

Aurora Borealis raises money by organizing charity events, campaigning to recruit new active members and collaborating with other organizations, as well as applying for grants. We receive majority of our funds from the Student Union that raises money by selling development cooperation lunch tickets at the student restaurant.

At the moment, we support one active project in Nepal, called the Youth Sponsorship Program. The program supports the higher education of women, by offering scholarships through Loo Niva, our partner organization in Nepal. You can read more about the project here.

Information about our old support partners and projects is available here.

Memos, member letters, and more information about both our operations and the board can be found through the Aurora Borealis ry menu!