For subject associations

On this page you will find information aimed at subject organisations and representatives of subject organisations!

Cooperation with Aurora Borealis

Through JYY’s Development Subcommittee, which supports our operations and directs resources to us, we can support development projects. Together with JYY’s Committee on development and cooperation, we have organised e.g. Nepal nights and a benefit concert.

Our other partner is the Jyväskylä UN Association (JyYK), with which we have organised more events, e.g. Charity run event.

In other words, subject organisations can start working with us through JYY’s Development Committee or JyYK.

If you wish, cooperation can also be arranged directly through our association. For example,…

-organise an event between the association and your subject organisation with the aim of e.g. fundraising and / or sharing information about activities, support sites and different cultures

-a member of our board can come to an event or meeting of a subject organisation and tell them about their activities

-brainstorming and implementing some kind of network / social media collaboration

Regarding possible cooperation, please contact us by e-mail:

Our chair Heli can also be contacted directly:

Individual students can also support our activities in different ways…

Join our association as a support member!

The student’s membership fee is 8€. You can join from here.

Buy a lunch ticket! 

You can support activities all year round by buying a student lunch ticket from Ilokivi restaurant. Undergraduate student’s lunch ticket costs € 2.80 (norm. € 2.60), of which an extra € 0.20 will be forwarded directly to Loo Niva and support youth education. Ask for a ticket at the checkout and you can buy either a single ticket or a bundle of 10 at once! 

Join our Board!

The new board is elected at the association’s annual meeting, which is usually held in March. You can serve as chair, vice chair, treasurer or secretary on the board of directors. For example, if you are a good event organizer or your heart beats for producing different kinds of content (social media, websites, membership letter, etc.), it is possible to create a new role around these too! Welcome! 🙂

The members of the board participate in many events: association meetings (via Skype), brainstorming activities, planning and organizing events, representing the association in various events (e.g. Market for opportunities), communicating with partners and updating social media.