Loo Niva

Loo Niva Child Concern Group became active in 1994 and in 1997 it became a non-governmental organization with an aim to comprehensively develop the living conditions of children. This Lalitpur-based organization operates at the grassroots level. Through various projects and activities, the organization supports children’s schooling and strengthens a fair and equal society. The aim is to ensure a safe school route for all children, better health, a peaceful living environment, and socio-economic development. The organization’s partners are schools, communities, the municipal sector, human rights organizations, and various associations. Loo Niva’s projects are funded by the Finnish Ministry for foreign affairs. Interpedia is a Finnish affiliate of Loo Niva as well. 

Read more about Loo Niva here: https://www.loonivachild.org.np/

Youth Sponsorship Programme

Currently, Aurora Borealis supports one project, Youth Sponsorship Program, in Nepal. The program supports the higher education of women, by offering scholarships through Loo Niva, our partner organization in Nepal. The programme focuses on young people who have finished primary school and are now studying in vocational school or in college.  At the moment, there are 12 young people involved in the programme. 

The Youth Sponsorship Programme covers the tuition fees, school uniforms, school materials and possible school rides for the participants. The cost for one student is around 300-500€ per year. In addition to practical necessities, the project offers also psychosocial support for the students through various activities and workshops. 

Annually, Loo Niva elects the students receiving the scholarship for that year. Some students are in the programme for more than one year, but Loo Niva highly supports sustainability in a sense that they don’t want the students to become dependent on the scholarship, but instead encourage them to find ways to be more independent. This is also one of the goals of the Youth Sponsorship Programme and for example career counselling workshops are specifically designed for this. 

In the future, we hope to involve more students in the programme. We also want to improve the quality of support by directing even more funds towards providing psychosocial support and guidance.