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Until 2016-2020, we directed funds and support to the Bholung village reconstruction project.

Bholung village is located in Kavre County, Nepal. Officially, the village is called Birta Deurali VDC. It is about 80 kilometres from Kathmandu, but due to the difficult road it takes one day to get there. The village is inhabited by both upper-caste Brahmans, both chhetras and lower-caste majhes and Dalits.

A 2015 earthquake killed nearly 10,000 people in Nepal and destroyed hundreds of thousands of homes. In the village of Bholung, the earthquake destroyed 143 houses and the village needed resources to rebuild them.

The houses were being built now completly

The village of Bholung was chosen for support, partly in terms of the social relations of our founding members, and partly as motivation from the shocking news. Our co-founder Antti visited the site after the earthquake, and soon after a cooperation was agreed with Hands for Help Nepal. Hands for Help Nepal is an NGO based in Kathmandu with direct links to Bholung. The cooperation agreement was signed in 2016 and the first grants were sent to the site in the autumn of the same year.

The Last monitoring trip was made in summer 2019, when our chairman Heli met with our Hands for Help Nepal partners. At that time, a decision was taken to raise funds for another year and reassess the situation later.

With the aid of Aurora Borealis, tin roofs have been purchased for houses in the area. In addition, emergency assistance for residents has been obtained with our support e.g. in the form of rice, soap and warm blankets. By Summer 2017, seven new houses had been built. By the summer of 2019, a total of 14 houses have been built with our assistance. At that time, the chairperson Heli visited Nepal on a monitoring trip and met Hands for Help Nepal, with our partners. It was decided to extend the cooperation at least until the end of the year. In August 2020, our cooperation was completed. About 80 families have now created new homes, 15 of which have been built with the support of our association.

Heli wrote a text related to our collaboration in August 2020 – read it here:

Thanks Bholung and Hands for Help Nepal

August 7, 2020 by Aurora Borealis development

The Aurora Borealis Association was founded in 2015 when an earthquake destroyed the homes of thousands of Nepalese. One of the worst affected areas was Kavre County, where the village of Bholung is also located.  At that time, by the decision of four zealous people with a burning desire to help, an association was formed to raise funds to help the village community of Bholung.

Hands for Help Nepal, a non-governmental organisation based in Kathmandu, was selected as our partner because they had a direct connection to the village of Bholung. During 2015-2020, Bholung village has been relentlessly rebuilt, with about 80 families receiving new homes, 15 of which with the support of our association.

Now, five years later, the Bholung reconstruction project and our cooperation with Hands for Help Nepal is coming to an end. The last funds we raise will be sent to Nepal in September and will be used to help the few families still waiting to rebuild their homes. A big thank you to all our donors, partners in Finland and Hands for Help Nepal. It’s been a long road, but a rewarding one.

Reconstruction in Bholung ends, but work in Nepal continues. The coronavirus has put many families at a disadvantage, and this is reflected in everyday life in a very concrete way. GDP has fallen from just over eight per cent to less than three and many families need not only financial help but also food aid, among other things. The effects of a long state of emergency are expected to be visible for a long time and are feared to affect, for example, the status of women and the quality of Education.

The aim of our association is to support those who are working to promote the well-being of Nepalese society and to bring the chaotic situation under control. There are challenges, but they can be overcome through cooperation and strong partnership.

Wishing everyone a happy late summer,

Heli Pikkarainen

Chairman of Aurora Borealis