Students’ experiences

updated on 22.3.2021

Read the stories of the students who have received support through Loo Niva’s programme.


Alka started a master’s degree programme in business administration in early 2021. In addition to her studies, she works in financial administration. Alka has previously had to take out loans to support herself and enable her studies to continue. During the pandemic, Alka’s studies moved to online platforms and this change brought a lot of extra costs to the family. However, Alka has been delighted to have had the opportunity to attend the courses and she is grateful for the support she has received from Loo Niva. Alka has mentioned that she has also received a lot of motivation and encouragement from Loo Niva which has brought a smile to her face and developed new skills, such as for example, problem-solving and coping with stress.


Albina is studying to become an accountant and is also pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business administration. The Accountant’s studies are scheduled to last four and a half years, and Albina plans to complete her second degree courses in the same time frame. In Albina’s family, Albina’s sister works as a nurse and is able to support Albina’s studies in part. However, for Albina to continue her studies, she also needs the support of Loo Niva.


Geeta is a 23-year-old young woman who is in her second year of management and administration studies. Geeta’s studies also shifted to distance learning and online courses due to the pandemic. Unfortunately, Geeta’s University decided to suspend these courses due to the limited number of participants. Now she is taking other studies independently and this has brought new challenges to Geeta’s daily life, as there is no one to guide or help her with the courses. Despite the challenges, Geeta has progressed well in her studies and received good grades. She has also been given an internship at a local bank. Geeta lives with her father, mother, older sister and younger brother. The family is in a tight financial situation as Geeta’s older sister is the only one who can work at the moment. Loo Niva’s support has been a great help to Geeta and she thanks both Loo Niva and the other sponsors of the project.

Shree Krishna 

Shree Krishna is a 21-year-old business and economics student. She lives with her mother in Lalitpur district and is studying remotely. In addition to her studies, Shree Krishna works for an insurance company. She enjoys her work and is grateful that she has the opportunity to gain practical experience and expertise in her field. Shree Krishna was infected with COVID-19 and it caused a lot of uncertainty and stress. With the help of Loo Niva and the support of the family, the difficult situation was resolved and now she continues to work and study with even greater focus.    


Ritik is a 20-year-old social work student. Her family has remained healthy and Ritik has moved on to distance learning. Ritik has been actively involved in the activities of various organisations, including Loo Niva. She has shared her knowledge and skills and gained practical experience in social work by participating in various well – being and youth projects. Ritik’s brother had to drop out due to financial problems, and fear of interrupting her studies also haunted Ritik. However, because of the support received from Loo Niva and Loo Niva’s partners, Ritik has been able to continue her studies and is grateful for it.


Suraj is 23 and lives with her father, mother and young brother. Suraj had to drop out of her studies a year earlier because of the poor financial situation. Suraj says she will always remember the day the aid was granted. The support enabled her to continue her studies and complete her degree in Information Technology. Now Suraj has decided to focus on work so she can support her family and gain practical experience in this field.