Internships in Nepal

Are you looking for an internship position in the fields of education, social sciences or development cooperation? Would you want to do training in charming Nepal? Our partner organization Loo Niva is looking for interns to work in various roles in their community projects. Contact us and let’s find out together, what your dream internship could be like.

Internships in Nepal with Loo Niva

Loo Niva Child Concern Group is a national-level, non-governmental organization that has been active since 1997. It operates at the grassroots level in Nepal, with an aim to prevent exploitation and marginalization of underprivileged children and to comprehensively develop their living conditions. Through various projects and activities, the organization supports children’s schooling and strengthens a fair and equal society. Loo Niva has close ties to Finland and in addition to collaborating with Aurora Borealis, they have been partnering with for instance Interpedia Finland and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Finland. Loo Niva has welcomed Finnish interns and volunteers since 2012.

Loo Niva has various internship possibilities for students from the fields of education, children’s rights, social sciences and development cooperation. The internship can be tailored according to trainee’s own interest and skills, but for instance the below mentioned tasks are available:

–          Resource hunting and writing project proposals to donors
–          Writing reports or concept notes of project activities
–          Implementing project activities (for instance hosting workshops, giving trainings, organizing events)
–          Conducting field monitoring visits in and out of Kathmandu
–          Facilitating teaching training/workshops/orientation to schoolteachers
–          Teaching English classes in public schools


The length of the internship and your role can be agreed with Loo Niva. The internships are unpaid. Please look for options for funding your stay during the internship on the university’s website. Loo Niva can support the intern in finding a suitable rental apartment or room. Depending on the type and comfort level of the accommodation, the prices start from around 500€ a month. Interns will take care of the accommodation and other living costs themselves.

Collaboration between Aurora Borealis, JYY and Loo Niva

Perhaps you have sometimes purchased a development cooperation lunch ticket at Ilokivi? That means you have already supported Loo Niva and their Youth Sponsorship Program in Nepal. From every sold development cooperation lunch ticket, 20 cents goes directly to Loo Niva’s program. Aurora Borealis works hand in hand with the Student Union of the University of Jyväskylä and together, we collect funds for Loo Niva. You can read more about how Aurora Borealis and Student Union of the University of Jyväskylä work together here.

How can Aurora Borealis support your internship?

Aurora Borealis wants to strengthen the partnerships with JYY and Loo Niva and and provide students with an opportunity to do their internship in Nepal, taking part in Loo Niva’s projects that we have together supported for several years. We can support the interns by connecting the students in Jyväskylä with our partner contacts in Loo Niva. Together, we can discuss the ways to create a meaningful and educational traineeship for you. Aurora Borealis works as the link between Jyväskylä and Nepal and offers guidance and training for students before the internship begins.

Contact us

Send us an email and we are happy to connect you with Loo Niva and discuss the internship options together:

Narendra Dangol, General Secretary and one of the founders of Loo Niva, together with Alka, Albina and Kalpana, who have received support through the Youth Sponsorship program.